New Year For Moon Lovers
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New Year For Moon Lovers

New Year For Moon Lovers. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will share a press release on the New Year Moon Lovers from Driftwood Designs. The Moon significantly impacts our lives, from the tides to our emotions and behaviour. Understanding and tracking the Moon’s cycles can help us live harmoniously with its influence. If you’re a fan of the Moon and its mystique, you’ll be delighted to know about the Moon 2024 collection from Driftwood Designs. This collection includes beautiful, practical items perfect for anyone who loves the Moon. So why not embrace the Moon’s magic and add lunar-inspired items to your life?

New Year For Moon Lovers

The Moon 2024 collection from Driftwood Designs is perfect for moon fans. The Moon affects our lives in many ways, and keeping track of the cycles is one way to live in harmony with the Moon’s influence.

Perhaps you are a ‘lunar-tic’? Is your family member a Selenophile (Greek for moon lover)? Is your best friend obsessed with the night sky? Do you love to follow the Moon’s phases and watch their impact on our natural world? Then the Moon 2024 collection is well worth checking out.

Whether it’s a last-minute Christmas gift idea, a thank you for a favour rendered over the festive period or just because you can, this range means you can treat yourself or a loved one to some stunning fine art by Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes, with an affordable price tag.

Lizzie’s passion is creating colourful illustrations that can be translated into homewares, cards, prints, and more. This means her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives as practical objects, including oven gloves, lampshades, coasters, aprons, and clocks.

The Moon 2024 Collection

The Moon 2024 collection includes calendars, diaries and tea towels that show some of the many names our Full Moons have been given by different cultures over the centuries, along with the dates of the forthcoming full moons in 2024. The paintings, like the Moon names (including snow moon, flower moon, Moon of horses and singing Moon), beautifully capture the changing seasons and the passing of the year while becoming part of day-to-day life.

If functional is not what you’re looking for, perhaps you want something to hang on your wall, refer to and admire. In this case, the good news is that for a great value of £12.00, you can get an A3 portrait Full Moons 2024 poster print. And, reflecting the brand’s Welsh heritage, you can get a Welsh poster with the full moons’ names and dates.

And if that is not enough to tempt you, there’s more! For those interested in the Moon’s phases, there are also posters showing the phases by month, with the dates of each phase. Again, each month has a superb background scene portraying the month. Whether you and/or yours are interested in the moon phases for scientific or aesthetic purposes (or both), from the first quarter to the full Moon and back again, this chart is a beautiful and informative reference for tracking the Moon’s changing shape.

So, you have two designs to choose from in various forms for a great gift or as a personal treat to cheer you up for the new year. And, if you love the sound of these designs and want to spread the lunar love more widely, the designs are also available on very reasonably priced greeting cards.

See the full range here:

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Driftwood Designs incorporates the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes, whose passion is creating illustrations that can be translated into homewares, cards, prints, and so much more. Her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives in oven gloves, lampshades, coasters, aprons, and clocks. Lizzie and her business partner, Becky Barratt, are both native to Wales and have grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales. They also have an online shop figuratively packed to the rafters with beautiful, accessibly-priced products.

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