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Novica Undiscovered Magical Mexico

Novica Undiscovered Magical Mexico. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s, I will be sharing a press release of Novia’s Undiscovered Magical Mexico. Los-Angeles-based NOVICA is the world’s largest online impact marketplace which supports local artisans worldwide. They are launching its NOVICA: UNDISCOVERED “Magical Mexico” quarterly customizable subscription box (Summer edition) to deliver handmade, Fairtradetreasures.

Novica Undiscovered Magical Mexico

NOVICA is unveiling its newest quarterly subscription called the “Undiscovered”, the first-ever fully-customizable subscription that delivers 100% handmade and Fairtrade artisan treasures from a specific region. NOVICA’s new “Undiscovered” Box is a seasonal, quarterly box that lets you travel to a new nation by experiencing its sacred gems and preserves disappearing arts in countries around the world by showcasing hidden craft skills passed down through generations.

The new Summer 2022 box is themed UNDISCOVERED: MAGICAL MEXICO! Unlike any other subscription box in the marketplace, customers can select their most beloved (5) products from a highly curated selection, including gender-neutral options ranging from gifts, jewellery and accessories to décor. Each new box is carefully curated with the help of a local Artisan Guide — a master artisan chosen from that country — which beautifully spotlights undiscovered local artisans and helps to curate a meaningful selection of handmade goods to represent the region.

As a bonus, the featured Artisan Guide will include meaningful surprises, such as a favourite local recipe, intriguing behind-the-scenes stories, a hand-signed postcard, insider travel tips, and more. Each seasonal box has a value of over $200, with a Retail Price of only $59.99 and is available from May 15 – August 15 at

Undiscovered: Magical Mexico Summer Box

Highlights of the new UNDISCOVERED: MAGICAL MEXICO Summer box includes twenty-four product options, including:

“Heaven’s Tears” Necklace

Handmade FaFairtradeterling silver necklace featuring heavenly hues of Mexican turquoise, designed for NOVICA by artisan Guillermo Arregui in Guerrero, Mexico.

“Rainbow Bouquet” Bag

This exquisite handmade Fair trade shoulder bag is handwoven on a traditional telar de cintura, or backstrap loom, and created for NOVICA by Petrona Perez and the Asociación de Artesanas of Mexico. Crimson cotton with colourful stripes, graced by a bouquet of embroidered flowers.

“Talavera Shots” Ceramic Cups

This pair of handmade and hand-painted shot cups are designed for NOVICA by ceramist Armando Sobreyra in Guanajuato, Mexico. Traditionally used to serve tequila or mescal, these decorative multipurpose cups can double as tiny vases for small flowers.

“Warm Traditions” Tortilla holder

Woven of pure cotton on a traditional backstrap loom, this pretty tortilla holder is a cheerful must-have for every delicious Mexican dinner in vibrant summer orange.

“Alebrije Collection” Coloring Book & Pencils

Created in Mexico, these ten black and white “colouring book” postcards feature regional species at risk of extinction, depicted in the whimsical-magical alebrije-style by Mexican artist Alejandra Aceves.

“Anahuac Feathers” Earrings

These handmade FaFairtradeerling silver earrings feature tiny local flowers, dried and preserved in clear resin. Anahuac is the ancient Aztec name for the valley we now know as Mexico City. The Del Toro family lives on the northeastern edge of that valley, creating sterling silver jewellery by hand for NOVICA.

“Alebrije Cat” Sculpture

This cute little FaiFairtradelpture is a delightful example of alebrije art, carved from copal wood and intricately painted by hand. Alebrijes are now a popular art form in Oaxaca, Mexico. This alebrije cat is handmade for NOVICA by artisans Jesus and Roxana Hernandez.

“Sunflower Joy” Ceramic Box

A boldly whimsical Mexican interpretation of blue and white majolica ceramics, this little jewellery box is designed to hold tiny treasures by the Contreras Family.

Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover “Blue Tenango”

Tenango is one of Mexico’s most widely recognized embroidery styles, but few people know it is from a small town called Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, an Otomi community. Guadalupe Navarro is an excellent example of traditional embroidery motifs focusing on local plants and animals. The reverse side is solid ivory with zipper closure.

Hand Woven All Cotton Rebozo in Blue and Off-White “Oaxacan Rhythm in Sapphire”

Whether it is used for warmth, fashion, or practical purposes like carrying bundles, the rebozo has long existed in Mexican life. Find your uses for this versatile shawl from Delfina Ruiz in Mexico. In off-white and sapphire blue, the rebozo is hand woven on a traditional loom using cotton threads tinted with all-natural dyes. Long, elegant hand-knotted fringe completes the conventional design.

Bonus.. secret local guacamole with fruit recipe!

And much more.

The featured Artisan Guide host for Magical Mexico is the Contreras Family, which specializes in Talavera-style ceramics, with the “Sunflower Joy” jewellery box available for the selected duration.

Check out all available products in UNDISCOVERED: Magical Mexico, and discover the undiscovered at


I was very excited to receive my Undiscovered Mexica Box. My daughter was more excited than me, to be honest. You all should have seen her reaction. It’s like Christmas came early for her. I loved everything about my items. It’s unique, and you can tell the thing has been carefully crafted. I loved them. In the box I received:

  • “Rainbow Bouquet” Bag
  • “Alebrije Collection” Coloring Book & Pencils
  • “Talavera Shots” Ceramic Cups
  • “Warm Traditions” Tortilla holder

If you are hunting for something original and crafty as a gift or just something to add as a touch in the living room. Check out Novica.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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