Our Memorable Summer Break
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Our Memorable Summer Break

Our Memorable Summer Break. Hello guys; I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a reflection on our memorable summer. What’s the weather like right now? In Scotland, Summertime is over. The grey clouds are back, and it is raining, windy and freezing. Autumn is here now, and the warm weather is gone for another 365 days. However, as much as I love the autumn/winter season, I want to take some time out to share my top 3 highlights from Our Unforgettable Summer 2019.

Our Memorable Summer Break

Summer In Nigeria

My family and I spent the first few weeks of summer in my Motherland, Nigeria. It was fascinating, and we had so much fun. This trip was extraordinary because it was my first time being back home in 15 years, and it was also my daughter’s first time in Nigeria and ever leaving the U.K. Mind you; she’s only five years old. It was a great holiday. We spent quality time with family members, filled with lots of laughs and love. I even made new friends. Sasha had a great time too. I think she had more fun than me,, and that’s how kids are. I am just thankful that the whole holiday from planning to the end, was a huge success. Check out my Holiday In Nigeria 2019 for more details on our adventure.

My dream Job

Oh my God, you guys, I am officially employed. Like I have a job, not just any job. It’s my dream job. I have always wanted to work in an office environment all my life. Like ever since I left School at 16, I have been applying and getting rejected from all the companies I had used for. Honestly, it is like rejects left, right and centre. And now, 13 years later, I flaw finally got a yes. That’s not all, guys. It’s a Law firm. I am working for a law firm, like me, Sonia Seivwright working in a Law firm? I’m still on cloud 9 with this new lifestyle. I honestly can not believe it. Check out I Got A New Job for more details about my new job.

Sasha-Ann Starts Primary School

Okay, now this section right here is very emotional for me. I am filled with joy, and I am so proud that my baby is now in Primary School. I can’t believe it; where has the time gone? Will she be okay? Will she make new friends? Is she going to learn? What is she going to eat? Trust me. I am overprotective of Sasha. If my daughter is under your care, I expect you to look after her. Make sure she is safe and happy. Check out Happy First Day At School for more details about this emotional time.

Although our summer was nothing like I planned, it was much better. I had a Bucket List of things I planned to do, and none of them happened. Instead, I was securing my family’s future. I guess that’s how life goes; your plan can never beat God’s.

How were your summer holidays? Did you go anywhere? Where did you go? Feel free to share in the comments section. Check out Our Unforgettable Summer 2019 video on my YouTube Channel.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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