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Protect Your Skin From The World Cup

Protect Your Skin From The World Cup! Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a guest post from Randa Zaid, the founder of Hayaty Natural. A genderless skincare brand inspired by the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. Randa will explore the dangers of blue light on our skin, especially during the World Cup Qatar 2022 season, and get unique suggestions on how to stay on the safe side while enjoying our favourite team’s play.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and the most exposed to environmental damage, such as Blue light. Especially now, when many of us are glued to screens to watch the National football team playing during the World Cup, Qatar 2022 season! Whether indoors or outdoors, our skin is always vulnerable to attack by various agents that could cause it to accelerate the signs of premature ageing and, worse, some types of skin cancer. Did you know that experiencing at least five extreme sunburns between ages 15-20 could increase your risk of contracting melanoma by 80% and non-melanoma skin cancer by 60%?

While we may not have control of our environment, we can protect our skin while exposed to these conditions and help our skin recover after exposure using a robust skincare regime, preferably daily.

Protect Your Skin From The World Cup!

The 2022 World Cup season is finally here!

Since Qatar was awarded the tournament hosting rights in 2010, it has been the subject of world scrutiny and attracted a lot of controversies, as has happened in all the past World Cup tournaments.

Many people have a more negative opinion and impression about this long-awaited World Cup Qatar 2022, primarily since it’s being held in a country that’s so different from ours in many ways! However, let’s stop for a moment and try to look at the positive, half-full-glass side of this enormous event:

  • It’s official that life is “back to normal”. 2 years ago, we almost didn’t hope to go back to travelling or watch our national team on TV screens.
  • We get to learn and experience a new culture: with the World Cup 2022 being hosted by Qatar, in the Middle East, which is culturally so different from us, we will be allowed a front-row view and exposed to knowledge about the traditions and cultural practices of the people of Qatar and the Middle East.

But even if you are not a fan of this specific World Cup or football as a whole, we all will watch for different reasons: curiosity, solidarity with our national team or player. We all have an excuse!

Blue Light And Why You Should Be Preventing Skin Damage!

Whichever your reason for watching World Cup Qatar 2022 for the next few weeks, we can enjoy it without damaging our skin! Many of us will be glued to our screens throughout the season. Each time you spend extended hours watching something on a screen, be it television, mobile phone, tablet, computer, or even a big screen, you are exposed to blue light.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a portion of the visible light spectrum (380 to 500 nanometers) contained in sunlight and standard electronic devices, like computer screens and smartphones. Due to its high energy, blue light penetrates more easily into our skin’s dermis than other wavelengths with lower energy.

Does Blue Light Damage Skin?

Blue light can harm your skin and disrupt the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). Recent studies have also established that blue light could accelerate premature ageing, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, cataracts, and elated eye complications. The unstable molecules generated when blue light penetrates our skin damage our skin cells, resulting in faster ageing brought about by the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Blue light has also been found to increase the amount of DNA damage.

Ingredients You Must Have In Your Night Skincare Routine To Prevent Skin Damage!

Having a skincare night routine is essential to optimise your skin’s healing process while you sleep. It is highly recommended to use aromatherapy products to relax and calm your body, improving your night’s sleep.

A few of the important ingredients that would help your skin recover, especially from blue light damage, are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Plant Stem Cell
  • Algae Extract
  • Plants With Natural Healing Properties
  • Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamins E, C, D, A, B1, B2, Beta-Carotene
  • Mullein Flower Extract, Luminescence
  • Frankincense Extract
  • Black Seed, With Its Powerful Component Thymoquinone.

You don’t need to use multiple products to get all the benefits of those active ingredients; you have to select the one that has all of them consciously, and yes, it is possible!

This way, you will protect your skin from environmental damage and the overconsumption of products and waste. Last but not least, you can lend testimony to this iconic moment with “a piece of your mind” about the most controversial World Cup in History. Your grandkids will love to hear all about it one day!

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon


Randa Zaid is the founder of Hayaty Natural, a genderless skincare brand inspired by the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, focused on formulating skincare products that optimise the skin’s natural self-healing process. Using medicinal botanicals like Black Seed (so beloved by the Ancient Egyptians, they called it the ‘blessed seed’) and a combination of plant-based ingredients sourced from local communities in

Randa’s homelands of Egypt and Italy, each formulation follows ancient recipes developed by the Pharaohs to provide a holistic approach to self-care. Hayaty is Organic, Vegan, Fairtrade, Cruelty- and GMO-free. Packaged in recyclable glass and card, each bottle comes with a hand-made Egyptian papyrus to inspire us to love ourselves and our environment.






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  • Gervin Khan

    It’s definitely a very timely post as we’re nearing the World cup! As many people are going out we need to protect our skin. Thanks for this article, many essential information is here and very detailed! Loved it!

  • Rae

    Good and interesting read, I wasn’t aware the blue light could do damage to the skin. And had no idea the tv can be bad also. I guess I never thought about it but I should have.

  • Nyxie

    I have never even considered blue light and the damage it can do! I know I have been meaning to buy blue light glasses for my eyes but that was more to prevent tired eyes from occurring.

  • Stephanie

    Glad I came across this article. I use copious amounts of sunscreen but didn’t know I was damaging my skin being inside and watching TV. Thank you for the tips!

  • Jennifer Prince

    I’m glad that people are thinking about blue light even more. I have blue light glasses and a protective serum that I use. I need to be more consistent with both, though!

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