Regifting Culprits Exposed, But Do They Get Caught
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Regifting Culprits Exposed, But Do They Get Caught?

Regifting Culprits Exposed, But Do They Get Caught? Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release from the Works on Regifting Culprits Exposed, But Do They Get Caught? As Christmas lists get written, and many of us get into shopping mode, a new study by leading book retailer The Works has unveiled how many of us are likely to regift unwanted presents as the big day approaches.

Regifting Culprits Exposed, But Do They Get Caught?

Around 40% of the nation regifts presents, for all reasons, with women 20% more likely than men, but also significantly less likely to get caught!

One in 10 regifters get caught out in the act, but that also rises among the younger generation, where around 20% do, with health and beauty products and alcohol the most likely to be passed on.

The study surveyed the nation and monitored the sentiment of regifters, with guilt being the overwhelming sentiment for those under the age of 34. At the same time, the over-55s have a relatively carefree attitude towards it.

Women Are 20% More Likely To Regift Presents, But Also Far Less Likely To Get Caught…

  • 40% of the nation is likely to regift unwanted Christmas presents this year
  • Women are 20% more likely than men to regift, but less than 7% get caught
  • Overall, one in 10 regifters have been caught out by the act
  • However, one in five regifters under the age of 35 get caught!

As Christmas approaches, a new survey has revealed that 40% of us will likely pass on unwanted gifts to someone else. Yes, we are a nation of regifters, and among the biggest culprits are women.

According to the study, around half of women in the UK are regifters, compared to less than 30% of men. However, they are also far less likely to get caught, with less than 7% doing so, compared to one in seven men.

That could be because almost one in three females wait at least seven months before receiving a present, while a quarter of males wouldn’t wait!

Caught In The Act

One in 10 regifters get caught in the act, but the younger generation is much more likely, with one in five being rumbled under age 35, while less than 5% of over-55s are ever caught in the act.

That could be down to attitude, with 54% of those over 55 unbothered by regifting. Guilt is the most common sentiment among those aged 16 to 24; over one in five between 25 and 34 feel that emotion.

Charlotte Blaquiere, Search Marketing Manager at The Works, said, “There’s no shame in regifting presents today. While many people feel guilty, we should be pleased by the one in five aged between 25 and 54 that see it as an eco-friendly exercise.

“When it comes to books especially, the fourth most likely present to be regifted, there’s nothing better than passing on a great read for somebody else to enjoy too.”

Health and beauty products are the most likely products to be regifted, with one in seven regifted presents falling into that category, with alcohol following shortly behind. Clothing, puzzles, games, and books are the top five most regifted items.

Interestingly, unwanted items are most likely to come from friends, while they are also most likely to be passed on to friends too, although, for those under the age of 24, especially males, parents haven’t quite got it right when it comes to presents for their children.

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The Works

The Works surveyed 2,000 people across the UK, asking questions about gifting, sentiment around it, and who they are most likely to receive unwanted gifts from and who they’re most likely to give them to. The survey was undertaken in October 2023.

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