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Say It With Fine Art Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Say It With Fine Art Hearts This Valentine’s Day. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release from Driftwood Designs. If you are bored of the usual gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cheesy cards, and you’re searching for something unique to give your loved one this year. The Hearty Calon Lan range by Driftwood Designs might have the perfect present for them. This stunning series draws inspiration from Welsh heritage and is named after Calon Lan, a Welsh song renowned after the national anthem. The Calon Lan range is almost as beautiful as the song and affordable and accessible fine art that makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. Its name, which translates to “pure heart,” encapsulates the essence of this exquisite series.

Say It With Fine Art Hearts This Valentine’s Day

The design is bold, vibrant, and striking, with a simple heart image repeated across the products in different colours and designs and with varying backgrounds, like an old-fashioned quilt, meaning the eye is repeatedly drawn from one heart to the next.

The design was created by fine artist Lizzie Spike, whose passion is creating colourful illustrations that can be translated into homewares, cards, prints, and so much more. In the creation of the Hearty range, that passion has been realised in beautiful yet affordable products perfect for Valentine’s gifts, with something for everyone…


For The Girl About Town

If your favourite lady likes to get out and about and looks her best, she will love the Hearty bag, which is 100% cotton, comes in a tote bag style, and is machine washable. At £15.00, it’s cheaper than a bunch of flowers and will last much longer.

Why not pair it with the perfectly complimenting make-up bag in the same great design, which is also 100% cotton and a good size to hold everything she needs when out and about, requiring a make-up touch-up?

For The Cuisine Connoisseur

If your other half lives in the kitchen and loves nothing more than dishing up new recipes or all your favourite meals – or, even better, you love to create fabulous meals together – there is bound to be a kitchen accessory bearing the Hearty design that you will both love. To remind your partner that you love them whenever they take something out of the oven, why not give them Calon Lan oven gloves? They are beautiful and practical, sturdy and fit for purpose.

The oven gloves pair nicely with the fabulous apron in the same design. You may find that they ‘forget’ to take it off at dinner parties! If you’re on a budget, you can get one this year and the other next year to match. The apron is also 100% cotton and feels as good as it looks.

Your Valentine will adore the hearty chopping board at just £12.00. Made from sustainable eucalyptus hardboard, they are scratch, stain and heat resistant (to 145°C). It is so practical as well as visually charming.

For The Homemaker

If your loved one likes making their home look good, the Hearty range has some lovely pieces for the living room. These offer a bold splash of colour to liven things up and will be a conversation starter when people visit. The velvet cushion cover is perfect for your favourite person’s favourite armchair or spot on the sofa. It is warm, comforting, and ideal for snuggling up in the evening.

The design works wonderfully as a lampshade for a more extravagant gift, brightening the room at any time of day. Made to order, Lizzie’s lovely Hearty design has been printed onto fabric, and the gorgeous shades are hand-finished in the Driftwood Designs workshop. They can be used as a hanging pendant or table lamp.

So, whatever the preferences of your Valentine – and your budget – you’re bound to find a gift with a difference this year. Make your loved one smile and show you have a “Calon Lan” by heading to the website:

And the best part is, once they have fallen in love with the design, you have ideas for a few years yet to come!

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.


Driftwood Designs incorporates the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes, whose passion is creating illustrations that can be translated into homewares, cards, prints, and so much more. Her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives in oven gloves, lampshades, coasters, aprons, and clocks. Lizzie and her business partner, Becky Barratt, are both native to Wales, and they have grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales. They also have an online shop figuratively packed to the rafters with beautiful, accessibly-priced products.

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  • Melanie E

    I am loving these heart gift ideas. They all look so pretty and useful too. I could do with some oven gloves at the moment what luck!

  • April

    Lizzie Spike’s heart designs in the Hearty Calon Lan range are a creative and lasting alternative to traditional Valentine’s gifts. These artful pieces bring a unique touch to everyday items, perfectly blending beauty and functionality.

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Sending heartfelt thanks for the delightful suggestion! Your idea of expressing love through fine art hearts is brilliant. I can’t wait to try it out this Valentine’s Day. Your creativity is truly appreciated, making the occasion even more special. Grateful for the inspiration!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for some Valentine’s Day ideas that are out of the ordinary. I love that pillow with it’s pops of color to dress up my rather bland coach in the den.

  • Rosey

    Hard to believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day or at least time to think about it. It surely is though… and I like that throw pillow.

  • Kimberley

    Your post about saying it with fine art hearts this Valentine’s Day is truly heartfelt and creative! 💖 The selection of fine art heart pieces adds a touch of elegance to expressing love. The thoughtful descriptions and the personal connection you draw with each artwork make it a delightful read. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and meaningful ways to celebrate love through art. Wishing you and your readers a Valentine’s Day filled with artful joy and affection!

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