She Matters with Alicia Walton
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She Matters with Alicia Walton

She Matters with Alicia Walton. Hey Everyone, I hope you are well. I am very excited to share this post, She Matter, with Alicia Walton. This is my first collaboration of 2021, and I am grateful for the opportunity. You all know what self-care means to me as a single mother. So, I am always on the lookout for anything self-care related. We are still going through a pandemic, especially here in the UK, as cases are still rising, and we are now in Lockdown. Many of us are still stressed out and neglecting self-care. However, I have found a new way you can have access to some self-care products delivered straight to your door every single month.

She Matters with Alicia Walton

Hello Alicia, it is a pleasure to interview you. Tell me something important about yourself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me!! My name is Alicia Walton, and I’m from Boston, MA. I am a mom of two, a wife, and a recent MBA grad, and I work for a National Non-profit as a Director of Finance. Wearing so many hats and battling Multiple Sclerosis, I knew I needed to get a handle on my stress levels. Therefore, in Jan 2020, I started to take my self-care journey beyond my regular bubble baths and glasses of wine. I dug deep to discover how to integrate self-care into my daily life. I needed to take what I’d learned and found to share with other women on similar paths as me.

What is Self-Care to you, and why is it important?

Self- Care is essential to me for many reasons. One is that it is imperative for my health and well-being. Secondly, I’ve learned that I am no good in the world if I am not well cared for.

What inspired you to start She Matters?

I was inspired to start the She Matters subscription box from this self-care accountability group I started last year and realised that many other women just like me had no idea that there were different types of self-care and how to access and build it into my lifestyle.

What offers do you have on She Matters?

She Matters is a self-care subscription box with flexible plans. We have two different types of containers. We have an Essential box, priced at $29.95 and includes five items, and a Luxe box, priced at $39.95, which provides for 5-8 items, one of which is a personalised/customised item. Each pack contains various monthly products that promote self-care alongside self-care resources, tips and recommendations.

How will She Matters help improve Self-care?

She Matters makes self-care more accessible for women by introducing them to the different types of self-care, additional resources, and tips to discover what works best for them because self-care looks different for everyone.

How do you stay motivated in your business?

I stay motivated by the women I encounter and meet through She Matters. I hear stories from women about how my box has helped them or how it was delivered right on time while they were dealing with something challenging and demanding. Knowing that so many more women like me can help and provide resources to help them start to prioritise themselves and normalise self-care is also a driving factor for me.

What do you do for self-care?

I like and NEED time alone for me to thrive. Once a quarter, I make it a point to rent a hotel room and have some time for a couple of days to do the things I enjoy. Sometimes that means nothing, or sometimes it’s shopping, reading a good book, going out to eat (because I’m a foodie, lol) or binge-watching a movie/show. When I am not away, I try to be intentional about my days and ensure that I do at least one thing a day that I like and brings me joy, which could be enjoying a cup of tea uninterrupted before starting my workday. At the same time, I have time to reflect—writing in my journal, reading a few chapters of a new book, taking a walk, taking a long shower or bubble bath, or meditating.

I am a single mother, and many struggles to find time for themselves. Do you have any advice for single mothers regarding self-care?

Find your support system and USE IT!! Make time for yourself and be intentional. It doesn’t cost a lot of money for you to practice self-care. But you first need to discover the things that bring you joy; once you know that, be intentional about doing those things. I constantly remind myself that I am not a good mother if I do not care for my needs. When I take care of myself, I notice a difference in how I am and respond to my children, and THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, ALSO. I also want them to see me taking care of myself so that this becomes normal behaviour for them as they become adults.

Can you advise the audience on supporting each other during the Global Pandemic?

Do what is best for you. Feed your soul and give yourself the things that it needs. It’s hard for me to be specific because, as I said before, self-care looks different for everyone. What I like to do and what brings me joy might not do the same for you. And if you don’t know what brings you joy, try to spend some time discovering that. Self-care is not selfish; it is a necessity!!!

Last but not least, Do you have any questions for me?

No, I do not have any questions for you at this time. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and share my thoughts on self-care.

I want to say a massive Thank You, Alicia, for the inspiring interview.

I hope you enjoyed that post.

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