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Six Months Lockdown Reflection

Six Months Lockdown Reflection. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a six months lockdown reflection. Can you believe it has been exactly six months today, 23 September 2020, since the United Kingdom went on Lockdown? I wanted to share a reflection on how it has affected me and how I am moving forward.

Six Months Lockdown Reflection

Early Stage

When I first heard about the Lockdown, I did not take it seriously. I just thought it was another piece of news. Until my last day at work, back on 23 March 2020, and this was my very last day at work. I had to Home school my daughter, and that was it. The idea of Covid testing was scary to me but I knew it was essential to ensure everyone in the family was healthy and safe. We were homebound. The only good thing that made the Lockdown easier for me was the open shops. Understandably, my mum was acting up. She was very stressed. She was watching the news and sending me videos, remedies etc., on my WhatsApp. She was stressed out. All because her husband was not home to support her.

On the other hand, I kept myself busy with blogging and entertained with Netflix, YouTube and DisnPluslus. Sasha Ann was home learning, and we did some craft activities to stay alive.

That was what we have been doing in the last six months. I stayed home most of the time.

Special Occasions

My 30th birthday passed, there was no cake, And everyone forgot about my birthday. I felt sad, but it was a very stressful situation, and I understood. However, we celebrated my brother’s and my mum’s 50th. Then the Lockdown restrictions started easing, and everything was normal. There is news about a Second Wave of the virus in the UK. This may put the UK back on Lockdown, affecting my Nigeria plans.

Everything Happens For A Reason

That is what I believe – everything happens for a reason. Maybe we all need this Lockdown.

Here are my Lockdown pros:

  • I am now calm and fully recharged. Over the past few years, I have been on the go with college (Life as a Single Mum, Full-Time Student and Part-Time Job), my daughter’s school, searching for childcare, finding work, a new apartment etc. Go-go-go. Everything was like a race. So maybe I needed this Lockdown for my mental and physical health.
  • It also helped build my relationship with my mum. My dad had left for Nigeria for work, so she felt alone and wanted a shoulder to kneel on. And that was me. My mum and I have never been as close as we are now, so she calls me nearly every day just for a chat.
  • My long-distance relationship has been blooming. My man has been my rock throughout the Lockdown. We communicate with each other every single day and have grown closer as we get to know each other better. We made exciting plans for our future, family, careers, and goals.

I also managed to clear up some debt and now have more control over my finances.

The only cons about the Lockdown:

  • I had plans to return to college and go on holiday to Tenerife with my daughter. I also had plans to step up my game at work. So basically, my ‘plans’ got cancelled.
  • I lost my job. It was very heartbreaking for me. However, as I said, everything happens for a reason.

That’s pretty much everything. So was the Lockdown good for me? I would say – YES! Because it had helped build up my relationship with the people that matter the most time. I am blessed not to have lost any member of my family or friends to Covid-19. And I am fully recharged. I know what’s important to me, what I want, and what I need. I am ready to take on a new chapter, and Io longer here to play with Life.

Remember to Wash your hands, Wear a Mask and Stay safe.

Talk soon.

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