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Summer Dates Ideas

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine. In today’s post, I have put together 15 summer date ideas. I believe the Summertime is the perfect time to go on dates, whether you are married, dating or single and ready to mingle. Summertime is ideal because everyone is out and about, there are lots and lots of exciting places to go, and there are many activities and clubs that are kids friendly in case you can’t afford childcare. The sun is out, and the air is warm, so there is no need to cover up too much—lots of shops, restaurants and bars with all sorts of offers available. And I can go on, but let’s stop there.

Summer Dates Ideas

Why Even Go On Dates?

Why not? Dates are the best way to reconnect and help strengthens your relationship/marriage with your loved one. It is also a chance to meet people, let loose and let someone takes care of you – I guess that’s what everyone wants. I have been very busy with motherhood and college that my partner and I barely had time to go on dates. I can’t wait to go on dates again.

Here is my list

  • A Weekend Away  – Yes, definitely an excellent date idea for summer
  • Go to the Circus – Everyone loves a good circus show
  • Outdoor Adventure – This can be anything from rock climbing, camping or fishing
  • A road Trip – Spend a day on the road (don’t forget to wear your seatbelt), feel the wind blowing and listen to some music
  • Have lunch or dinner on the shore, by the sea – Very romantic
  • Go skydiving – Definitely on my to-do list.
  • Volunteering for a Charity – Show your vulnerable side
  • Naked Portrait Painting
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Go To A Comedy Show
  • Go Wine Tasting
  • Watch the sunset
  • Go hiking
  • Head to the Amusement park
  • Visit A Local farm

That’s my list, guys; I hope these ideas help you devise a data plan. Let me know which is your one you’d prefer. I like No.1,4,5 and 10. If my date could hire a photographer to secretly take pictures of all the activities we get up to – that would be lovely.

Guys, it’s Summertime. Get out of the house. Forget about whatever drama may be going on. If you can’t solve it, there’s no point stressing about it. Summer is only six weeks and comes once a year. Make it a memorable one.

Talk soon

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