Ten Year Challenge
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Ten Year Challenge

Ten Years Challenge. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing my version of the ten years challenge that I notice how everyone is taking part in. It has been going viral all over social media, so I thought I share a post here too. So 2009! Two important things happened in 2009.

Ten Year Challenge

My Baby Sister Was Born

I was shocked when my mum told me she was pregnant at 38 years old. I was very excited that I would be a big sister again (I have a younger brother five years younger than me)—such a vast age gap. When Mia was born, I was so happy. It felt like she was my child.

The baby doll was my all-time favourite toy to play with as a little girl. I was obsessed with baby dolls. I even had a collection of the Baby born brand, the complete sets – baby clothes, buggy, bottles, nappies etc. So you can imagine how excited I was when my sister was born. I can’t believe she will be ten this year.

I Got My First Apartment

I moved out of my parent’s home and lived in student accommodation at 16. I had a great time living there when the lease was over; I was so sad. I loved living alone and doing whatever, whenever I wanted. I had just a tiny room, but I felt like a queen in her castle. The whole building was mine. Partying day and night with friends, no cooking, going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleepovers etc.

Moving back to being parents was heartbreaking. I was sad and miserable. I started job hunting and apartment, basement, flatshare – anything. So when my mum had my sister, I knew I just had to leave. We had a three-bedroom house, and with the baby here, I was the eldest. I just knew it was time.

It took me three months after that to get a place. I love it. It was a perfect size. It had a walk-in wardrobe, the bedroom was like a kingsize room, spacious living room – It was just perfect. Love at first sight. I lived happily ever after until Sasha was born.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon


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