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The Launch of Sustainable Tech Start-up Beyond Bamboo

The Launch of Sustainable Tech Start-up Beyond Bamboo. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release of the launch of Sustainable Tech Start-up Beyond Bamboo. A new marketplace that gives consumers access to fully vetted and approved ethical products from a range of sellers. Beyond Bamboo is a move towards more conscious consumerism, selling locally sourced beautiful products that are ethical and sustainable. Beyond Bamboo works to rejuvenate economies encourage ethical entrepreneurship. Inspiring us all to recycle and up-cycle, reduce waste and create new sources of income that feel great.

The Launch of Sustainable Tech Start-up Beyond Bamboo

Beyond Bamboo is today opening its doors to consumers. Beyond Bamboo is an online marketplace and community that allows consumers to shop for planet-friendly items without doing lots of time-consuming research and without the risk of being bamboozled by greenwashing. It also offers sellers of ethical, sustainable, upcycled and refurbished products a platform to connect with conscious consumers.

Every business selling via the Beyond Bamboo Marketplace has gone through a strict Ethical and Sustainable Assessment System, developed in collaboration with Ethical Consumer Magazine.

About Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer has developed the world’s most sophisticated and simple to use, a personal moral rating system to give consumers the information they need. Based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products.

These ratings are updated in real-time from their corporate research database. The database results from over 20 years of conducting primary and secondary research and systematically organising it using their rating system. Their ratings cover around 300 topics in 19 areas in 5 main categories.


Beyond Bamboo is launching today by unlocking its first room: The BATHROOM.

This will give consumers access to a wide range of genuinely ethical and sustainable bathroom products, allowing them to create a genuinely sustainable bathroom environment and giving them confidence that every item, from every seller, has been through a strict accreditation process. Beyond Bamboo does the hard work of research and checking so that consumers can buy easily, quickly and confidently.

Over the coming weeks and months, Beyond Bamboo will open more rooms. We give conscious consumers access to a full range of accredited sustainable and ethical products.

Beyond Bamboo aims to be the largest global community of sustainable products, services and suppliers working as a collective to restore and rejuvenate the planet. With a consumer marketplace, a B2B supplier portal, a knowledge hub and a team of passionate people dedicated to triple line reporting, Beyond Bamboo aim to help us all do well by doing good.

Beyond Bamboo assesses all sellers joining the marketplace on their ethics and sustainable practices across various criteria directly relevant to their business.

Sellers must provide evidence that their products:

  • Are vegetarian or vegan
  • Are cruelty-free (no animal safety testing conducted or commissioned on ingredients or products)
  • Do not contain any hides, skins or hairs, leather, suede, fur, silk, down, feathers, angora, shearling.
  • Are palm oil free (including palm oil derivatives)
  • Free of GMO ingredients
  • Are non-toxic

In addition, all sellers must:

  • Agree to comply with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, Green Claims Code Policy.
  • Ensure standards for workers throughout the business and supply chain conform to the Ethical Trade Initiative base-code (freedom of association, no discrimination, no child labour, no forced labour, reasonable working hours and fair pay);
  • Not be engaged with the arms trade or extractive industries;
  • Agree to use recycled/upcycled materials for packing and to minimise packaging overall with a move away from plastic. Those selling upcycled and preloved products must have a clear, written commitment to minimising their environmental impact.
  • Beyond Bamboo will be unlocking new rooms throughout the year, giving consumers access to a wide range of sustainable, ethical, upcycled and refurbished products from accredited sellers with solid customer service records.

Tiffany Kelly, CEO of Beyond Bamboo, comments:

“Consumers want to know they are making ethical purchasing choices, but with so much greenwashing. And so many ‘green’ claims, many of which are vague or don’t stand up to scrutiny, it’s almost impossible for consumers to be sure they are buying a genuinely ethical product.

“Our mission at Beyond Bamboo is to make it easy for consumers to buy ethically and to give them complete confidence in the planet-friendly credentials of the business they are buying from.

“Our assessment system is deliberately strict, even though this means that, as a platform, we will grow more slowly. It takes time to assess each seller, and many don’t make the grade. Being sure we only have the right companies on board and giving our buyers peace of mind is of paramount importance to us. For those sellers who don’t currently achieve all the essential criteria, we offer help, support and advice to enable them to make the changes needed.”

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