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The Wee Tea Company

The Wee Tea Company. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I would like to draw your attention to The Wee Tea Company. Winter is coming up very soon, and here in the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland, the winter season is very unpredictable. You can’t win. Sometimes you get all seasons in one 1 for 1 week. Then you get the summer within a minute after it rains and winds. This is why it is appreciated to have teas stored in the kitchen at home.  Not just any tea. Try luxury tea.

The Wee Tea Company

The Wee Tea Company have been blending teas in the UK since 2012.  In 2012, the availability of luxury loose leaf was low. The main offering in the UK was dusty poor quality tea. The coffee Industry was saturated, and consumers were looking for something new.

Over the years, they have very much become experts in Tea, Tea Blending and flavouring. They now offer a huge range of affordable teas and tisanes on our website to both wholesale customers, and now more than ever, we are selling directly to tea lovers everywhere.

They sell the most popular blends, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Gunpowder Green Tea, specialising in blending some tasty caffeine-free alternatives.  Their most popular caffeine-free fruit teas include Rhubarb Rooibos Tea and Mango Mash-Up.  Their online shop offers one of the largest selections of teas on the internet.

Tea Party, anyone?

I know Summertime is over, and the ‘Tea party Season’ is over. However, everyone loves tea. Tea is being offered as a nice gesture to welcome visitors to the house. The Wee Tea Company has a vast range of tea collections to choose from. They have recently introduced a monthly subscription offer, where each month they will send 30, 60 or 90 cups of your chosen luxury loose leaf tea direct to your door—all from just £7.50 per pack, including free delivery.

You can choose from Loose Leaf or Tea Bags. They will also send you a cool branded FREE Wee Tea Caddy to keep your tea fresh. When you order a loose leaf tea subscription, they will send you a FREE Stainless Steel Mug Infuser. If you would like to buy this as a gift, enter the address where you would like them delivered.

Whenever you are out of tea, Check out the wee tea company.

I hope you enjoyed that.

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