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Things That Kill Our Appreciation For The Non-Material Wealth

Things that kill our appreciation for non-material wealth. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing things that kill our appreciation for non-material wealth. This is a snippet from my brand new E-Book – Wealth is More Than Just Money. In the book, I explain the true meaning of wealth. As well as show you how to get what you want and enjoy what you have. I am very excited about this book. I enjoyed writing and creating it. I hope you will too.

Things That Kill Our Appreciation For The Non-Material Wealth

Some toxic thoughts and activities will make it impossible to achieve non-material wealth or make it a challenge. Avoid these at all cost, as they are the things that will pull away from what makes us truly happy in the end. Although most of these plagues many of us at one time or another, the trick is to pull away and consciously refuse to entertain them when they come around.

You alone can refuse to spend an extra moment on any of these.


One of the greatest offenders in this category is materialism because it has a way of constantly pulling you back to what is bringing you financial gain but slowly chipping away at your happiness.

The voice within you tells you that you need to stay at work late even when you are not fairly compensated, and the voice suggests that you need to take on an unnecessary second job.

Of course, there is always a balance, which is sometimes what makes it the most difficult.

Because you need to work hard and do your best, it cannot justify taking things more manageable. But getting off-balance and working too heavily is just as detrimental as not working at all. Work hard, then put just as much of yourself into your time resting.


Bitterness is another appreciation killer. If you are not grateful for the money, people and experiences you have, it will lead to the envy of what others around you seem to be able to gain so quickly.

Jealousy will then blind you to the blessings that you do have. The way to overcome this is to make a conscious effort to be grateful for what you have.

Find different ways to incorporate gratefulness into your life.

You may wish to try a gratefulness journal, spend daily time reflecting on the events that unfolded to keep you safe and happy or have someone else make a list of all the qualities they love about you.

The more you feel thankful, the more it will seem that favourable situations are drawn to you, giving you even more to feel grateful for. It is a win-win situation.


Yet another attitude that is quite capable of squashing the chance at true wealth is apathy.

This is the silent killer. Apathy will make you unable to care enough to grow. It will cause you to feel like you cannot make a difference anyhow, so why even try?

It will pick away at you until you feel completely useless and not willing to move even a step forward. Be sure to weed this out before it takes away your dreams and infringes on your future.

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I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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