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Tips For Freshers

Tips for Freshers. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing some tips for freshers that are starting college or university. These tips are based on the mistakes I made years ago when I left school. I felt these tips could help students who are worried about starting a new step in their life.

Tips For Freshers

You Are Not In School Anymore

Either you’re starting college or university, you have to do the work. By law, your education stops after school, but it is advisable to further your education. That is why you get asked, what do you want to be when you grow? Or where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or what are your plans for the future? It’s your choice to further your education because you had a dream. So focus, research, do the work and meet does deadlines. Do not waste it.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

When you start college or uni, you’ll find out that all your friends from school will eventually become your enemy. It clearly depends on how strong your friendships are but that is okay because now you have a chance to meet other people and create a lifetime friendship with people who actually have the same interests as you.

Ask For Help

I don’t care if you know it all or you think you know it all, ask anyway. This is not a school where you pass or fail. You are in the process of self-development and preparation for the real world out there as an adult. Improve your communicating skills, listening skills, learn proper time managing skills and find and develop a new skill that you have never done before. It is a lot of work, if you do not keep up, things will become harder and that will affect your emotions and ability to continue. So whether you want someone to talk to, ask for it.

Make Use Of All Materials And Resources Available

You have a chance to really gain a lot of experience and change your life now, so make sure you grab everything you need and want to make things happen. Nowadays we all love technology and social media and keeping up with the latest trends etc, try to forget all that while studying. Buy textbooks, buy actual pens (not tablet pens). Go old school with your education, go to the library and read books related to your course. Only use social media when or if you are required to.

Save Your Money

Save money by spending less on spending only when you need to. Yes, it is a good idea to treat yourself once in a while but not all the time. Just because you have a student discount, does not make things cheaper or easier. They only reduce the amount you spend on an item and allows you to spread your money. However that can be a dangerous thing because you will start to think that your money will not run out and continue to spend and then before you know it, you have spent everything and have gone into debt by the end of the first year. And what happens then, is you will fail your course and then you will not be able to take on another year and that will be you left hanging in debt. Debt is debt, you do not get student discount in debt.

Last but not least advice I have for freshers is to enjoy yourself. Be happy and be proud of yourself for taking this step. If you are struggling, get help. If it’s a family drama, or finance, or abuse or just not getting on well with student lifestyle, speak to someone you trust. There is always help. Most importantly, do not forget your plans.

Good luck Freshers

Talk soon

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