What Does Life in Your 30s Look Like?
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What Does Life in Your 30’s Look Like?

What Does Life in Your 30’s Look Like? Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a reflection on the topic – What Does Life in Your 30’s Look Like? I clocked 30 in May 2020. There were no celebrations due to the UK Lockdown. Even my family members forgot it was my Birthday. I understand, though. The situation was cumbersome on all of us.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown, my first year in my 30s was not as expected. I had plans of different activities to do and experiences to create. However, it was not possible.

What does life in your 30’s look like?

I have watched countless videos on YouTube and read many articles on what to expect in your 30s. The expression I got was that ‘I should have everything figured out by 30’. Some even say I should have been preparing for my 30s in my 20s. However, if you are like me and have not figured everything out by now, I’m here to let you know that it’s not your fault, and you should make it a mission now to sort things out.


I wish I were taught more about life when I younger. I wish I had savings or started a business or something at an early stage in my life. And that I had money in the bank to keep myself and my family after the essential bills are paid.

Knowing what I know now about life, I feel disappointed that I wasn’t presented with the opportunities that life offers at an early stage. For example, I didn’t think I could start a business at any age, and I was not presented with the opportunity to write a book, even though I was talented. Dating, nobody spoke to me about dating and sex. Nobody talked to me about finances and money management etc.

I have to learn everything by myself, and it is just so unfortunate that I’m just learning this part about life. However, being a single mom from a young age has helped in so many ways.

Pocket Money

Can y’all believe that I still depend on pocket money from my dad at the age of 30?

Yes, I am a single mom who is broke but depending on my dad is very shocking and sad. And I am very ashamed of it. I should be giving my daughter pocket money and not asking my dad for pocket money. I should have at least bought a car or an apartment. Instead, I’m on rent and being supported by the government. I should be able to afford a holiday with my daughter and not hoping that my dad will pay for a holiday. There is something wrong with my life. I should have had everything figured out by now! Well, that’s what society tells you.

Nah, Life is full of lessons. And I believe that as long as you are willing to learn as you go along, things will change for the better.

So What do we expect in your 30s?


As a grown adult, you are officially independent. Everything decision you make, every move you make from now on, is entirely your decision. You do not have to explain anything to anyone. You have to accept that there will be circumstances and be ready to take on challenges without the support or need to ask for help from anyone. This is how you learn to appreciate any support that is giving to you. My dad gives me ‘pocket money because he wants to. Not because he has to. Although sometimes I ask for help, which is okay as long as I don’t abuse the support.


Being an adult can be lonely. As you grow older, your circle of friends keep getting smaller and smaller. To the point that you will end up having your family as friends. This is because society tells us to start a family, work hard and save money towards retirement. Some people will forget that they are still growing and the world is changing. It gets really lonely when you are stuck on one path but can also be confusing when you take on different directions.

Make it work

Do not expect things to appear or happen! Life is not a fairytale with a Fairy Godmother who will spin her wand and make your dreams come true. In your 30s, you are the wand. You have to find a way to make things work out for you. If you want something done for you that society says you can’t have, go out there and get things done by yourself for yourself.


This is not the time to start worrying about what everyone else is doing in their life. Worry about your own and set some prioritising. Set three top goals and remember the two essential things in life. Everything starts with you. If you don’t wake up in the morning, nothing will happen that day. If you don’t go to the kitchen and fry some eggs and put some slice of bread in the toaster, there will be no breakfast. Nothing will happen if you don’t show up at your business or work, or life in general. You have to know what you want and set some priority based on what is important to you.


Being an adult can also be a rewarding experience. Appreciating the little things you have more is a great way to start rewarding yourself as an adult. There’s no more candy or an award medal for doing the chores in the house. Your award will be a happy husband and kids messing the place up again. It sounds a little odd, but the feeling you get when you see your kids smiling and playing or your spouse telling you how much they love and appreciate you. That is your reward.

Ok, I think I better stop there now. I would like to know some of your experience in your 30s. Drop them in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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  • Kalyon Subbarao M

    I think it’s perfectly okay if you have to ask for help from parents, until unless we are not becoming a burden on them. They are also very happy to help as they can meet us often and also spend time with the family. We always go down to my parent’s house and also ask them to come over during these pandemic times especially. I would say it’s a kind of a win-win situation.

  • aisasami

    I am almost 32 and I learned independence fast because I move to another country when I was 22. I actually started to save this year for retirement. I had hard times but they always got better.

  • Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    I just turned 40, and you know what?

    I had such great fun in my 30s. I mean myself in my 20s, sure had fun, but all the mistakes in my life were cus of my careless youth. HAHA. I paid for that in my 30s. But then, I think that stage is pivotal. And for myself, I got to my 30s and I was ready to just fix my life and be better at it. Do I think I’m awesome now? NO! But I grew a lot in my 30s. I got to know myself more. Life, as a matter of fact, truly begins at 30.

    Those who say it begins at 40, are only afraid of aging. HAHA. Have a great life.

  • sambo

    Oh dear Sonia, there is nothing wrong to still need help from parent even at the age of 30! It is important that you get help as you have children too. take care.

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