Working As A Single Mum Three Months Reflection
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Working As A Single Mum: Three Months Reflection

Working As A Single Mum: Three Months Reflection. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing my three months’ reflection on working as a single mum. It’s been three months since I started a new journey as a working mum. I thought it was time to do another reflection on how I was getting on. I can not believe it’s been three months already. It feels so surreal to say that I am working. There have been some challenges, not going to lie, but I always try to sort things out and move on and focus on the positive sides of things.

Working As A Single Mum: Three Months Reflection

Working as a single mum can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding. As a single mum, you must juggle work, parenting, and all the other responsibilities of running a household. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. After three months of working as a single mum, it’s essential to take some time to reflect on your experience. What have you learned? What have been the most significant challenges? What have been the biggest successes? By reflecting on your experience, you can gain insights that will help you be more successful.

Is What I Do Worth While?

Yes, it is. It’s good that I am working and not just sitting at home watching matches. My life passes me by. However, gets get hushed in the office, and I get bored. I need to find creative ways to accompany myself in the office when bored.

Do I Enjoy My Job?

Yes, I do. I enjoy being in an office environment and love that it is a challenging/demanding position. And I can go home with peace of mind.

Am I Learning?

Yes, I am. I have seen some personal developments in my confidence to speak out. Although I am qualified for the job, I find myself exploring to develop the skills I already have. I think confidence is the key, and speaking to the public, whether on the telephone or face to face, is something I am not entirely confident with due to my disability.

Does This Job Lead To Somewhere I Want To Go?

Yes, it does. I want to run my own company, so being around Solicitors and watching how they do their things makes me feel empowered. I am watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder on NetFlix because of the job. We have a criminal lawyer who sometimes does some administrative work, and it’s interesting to see how things go down.

Am I Well Paid?

For the responsibilities I have, yes, I am well paid. My first pay in September was low because I had just started a few weeks before and spent some of the money on a 3nights trip to Edinburgh. However, in October, I had the total pay. I was so happy with it, and I managed to secure an apartment with it.

Do I Get On With My Colleagues?

I work with mature people, so I hardly have anything to communicate with them. I am the youngest, and it’s a small team. Even though I try to say something funnel, they never have the time to socialise. I think everyone wants to get things done and go home. This is what I like. However, it will be nice to feel excited about going to work. Other than that, we all get on well at work. But you asking me if I see myself having a night out or winy lunch colleagues, I would be uncomfortable.

Am I Empowered To Be Creative And Do Things My Way?

Yes and no. The company have strict rules and ways of how they operate. However, I am disabled and learn differently, so the company allows me to do things that may make things easier. For example, I created a telephone sheet templawhichhere I take down names, messages and telephnumbersmber. The telephone number is essential and the most tricky part because I need 11 numbers, and sometimes either the client or I forget the number or missed on out one number. With the telephone sheet, it is easier to spot.

Is My Work/Life Balance Acceptable?

Yes, it does. As a single mum, spending time with my daughter is significant to me, so working three days a week has been excellent. I can take my daughter to school at 7:30 am to a breakfast club based in the school. She has her breakfast, participates in activities, and then goes to her class at 9 am when school starts. After school, Sasha’ll take her to the Afterschool Club. Again, she’ll have snacks and play with her friends until I pick her up after work at 6 pm. It’s a long day for a child, but she enjoys the clubs.

Do I Feel Supported?

Yes, I do. The company have been supporting me by providing help when needed. My hearing difficulty has been an issue since I started, but I am so grateful that the company is helping me to get the right equipment sorted. I also have support from a non-profit organisation that calls into their progress. It is nice to have someone who cares enough to ask you how you are getting on.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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